Bassaks Automatic Rescue Device

       The electronic ARD is automatically Operated in case of power failure (Black Out).   A logic circuit chooses the most favourable direction,  Take the cabin to the floor,and open the doors. It is supplied complete with constantly charged batteries (Sealed Lead Acid Type.)
Bassaks Automatic Rescue Device
Bassaks Automatic Rescue Device
Bassaks Automatic Rescue Device

Use for elevator system,In the event of main power failure or building is fire.

·        Digital DSP Microprocessor
·        If the elevator stop between floors, or with door close
·        The device automatically turn-on and run to the nearest floor
           and reopening the door
·         2 lines x 16 character. LED operator
·        Use the Microprocessor control setting program and
           digital adjust replace to analog adjust
·        Have display show status of use and battery
·        Easy Installation,Easy Setting and small size
·        48 V battery, Sealed Lead Time without maintenance
·        Economy cost
·        Can be use all Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor  (PMSM)
·        No need feed back sensor
·        Drive smoothly

New Genaration of "BASSAKS" ARD
BASSAKS Automatic Rescue Device Support  For Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)